In 2004, there were few companies and medical professionals effectively addressing the hormonal and physical changes brought on by aging. Many of these issues erode confidence in those that suffer from them. Andreas Dettlaff saw an opportunity and seized it, partnering with his primary care physician to start Nu Image Medical. He would go on to revolutionize health and wellness through telemedicine and regenerative treatments that restore lost confidence to their clients.

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As CEO, Andreas Dettlaff has guided Nu Image Medical in their pursuit of assisting their clients in their weight loss journeys. He offers specialized compounded programs that aid in not only weight loss, but hormone replacement, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and women’s sexual dysfunction. These are all completed under supervision by Nu Image Medical’s nationally licensed medical staff.

Under his leadership, Nu Image Medical has grown tremendously and changed countless clients’ lives. Nu Image Medical is licensed in 49 states and prioritizes compliance with all regulatory laws while continuing to formulate and test new products to bring to market.

Andreas Dettlaff credits his motivation and drive to his company’s ability to help people. The response from his clients is overwhelmingly positive - as evidenced by the perpetual growth of Nu Image Medical. With a background in technology, Andreas Dettlaff has grown as much as his company has, having worked his way from a one-man operation up to a full team that includes medical, technology, legal, and marketing experts.

While Andreas Dettlaff has come a long way since Nu Image Medical’s inception, his focus remains on those he can help. He may not be answering customer service calls anymore, but his day-to-day functions of building relationships, expanding his product line, growing his team, and increasing company visibility all serve to reach more aging individuals in need of hormonal support.

With two sons at home, Andreas Dettlaff hopes to raise them with an entrepreneurial spirit and inspire them to follow their dreams. He is a firm believer that if you work hard enough and have a vision, anything is possible.