Nu Image Medical®

Nu Image Medical®

Through our telemedicine platform, we specialize in the WAYT-less™ diet, sexual health, hair loss treatments, hormone replacement therapy, and other anti-aging programs.


With a broad spectrum product line targeting physical and hormonal changes brought on by aging, Nu Image Medical is setting itself apart from the competition by offering proprietary prescription formulations that haven’t been found anywhere else.

By doing extensive market research, Nu Image Medical has been able to pinpoint the programs that its customers want. Working with a team of concierge doctors, formulary pharmacists, and quality assurance pharmacists, they are able to offer specially compounded medications that work to maximize results when used under supervision in their specialized programs. These programs address weight loss, hair thinning and hair loss, sex drive and performance, and hormonal imbalances that often erode confidence in those who suffer from them.

After being founded in 2008 by CEO Andreas Dettlaff, Nu Image Medical has grown to a team of 23, including technology, legal, and marketing experts, and an additional 20+ member team of nationally-licensed practitioners. The company is licensed in 49 states and is compliant with all regulatory laws, striving for quality and results that exceed expectations.

As a pioneer in both telemedicine and regenerative treatments, Nu Image Medical continues to be an innovator in its field. Andreas Dettlaff cites their proprietary software platform as yet another triumph for the company, as it functions as an EMR, an accounting software platform, a video platform, a billing platform, a customer service platform, a medical platform, and a reporting platform in one.

After partnering with the well-known brand builder and original “Shark” on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, as well as bringing on several celebrity spokespeople, Nu Image Medical is now focused on scaling their success and bringing their products to as many people as they can.

Despite its tremendous growth, Nu Image Medical remains focused on its clients, from whom they receive overwhelmingly positive feedback. Andreas maintains that as long as Nu Image Medical can help people, they will strive to do so.